No Ordinary Seafood Enchilada

The Holidays are behind us, Advent and Christmas over. It’s now Ordinary Times. From a Catholic perspective, there is little that is ordinary (as in uneventful or unimportant) about Ordinary Times.

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Friday’s Seafood Medley Bake

As a working man, Kiddo looks forward to Fridays. It’s the end of the workweek. Two glorious days off. All he need do is get beyond our Friday Night Catholic Supper.

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Seafood Lasagna

Another beautiful Friday in Paradise. Or at least as close to paradise as we can get. Hubby is here. Kiddo is here. My family; scattered round the world are healthy as far as this pandemic is concerned. We did have one loss. My cousin’s wife passed in early April; a stroke. Amanda was in her late forties; young for a stroke. Within my Filipino-Spanish side of the family, a cousin is no different than a sibling. Aunts and Uncles are second parents. Kiddo refers to my aunts (his great-aunts) as Lola; grandmother. So any loss, no matter the blood-line distance; is felt deeply. Michael is a man of faith; and the Lord has continued to comfort him.

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Seafood Nachos and Tortilla Chips

Hey, we are on a roll with our Tortilla Chips now. If you aren’t going to dip the chips, when why not build a big tray of Nachos? Especially if your Tortillas Chips are freshly made at the market rather than a big bag of mass-produced chips. Thin and salty and oh so good!

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Cajun Seafood Paella Risotto

I suppose you could argue that a Risotto cannot be a main dish. Risotto is a side dish, right? Well, yes and no. This Paella Risotto is so packed with things like pepper, tomatoes and corn. Better yet, there’s plenty of shrimp and bay scallops. This dish has got it all. Served with a crisp salad, you’ve got dinner. The best part about this particular “Paella” is that you don’t need a special pan or an open fire or anything beyond a pot and your stove top.

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Seafood Sub Sandwich

On the National Day Charts, today is an interesting day. National Barber Shop Quartet Day. I’m not a member, I don’t know anyone who is a member, and in checking the community calendar, there doesn’t seem to be a performance nearby. What else have we got to choose from?

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Seafood Enchiladas in a Green Sauce

It’s Tuesday – as in Taco Tuesday. I’m not sure where this whole tacos on Tuesday craze first started. Doing a little digging, and it seems that Taco Johns has Taco Tuesday as a registered trademark since 1989. While Taco Johns were not the first to utter the phrase, they were business-savvy enough to trademark the expression.

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Lenten Season’s New Orleans Seafood Manicotti with Béchamel Sauce

It’s only fitting that on this, the eleventh day of the Lenten Season, we enjoy a recipe from New Orleans. After all, you can’t get much more connected to the whole idea of Lent without the Carnival that is Mardi Gras.

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