Celebrate the Beauty of South Carolina

Today we celebrate the unique landscapes, bold personalities and rich history of the Palmetto State, South Carolina. South Carolina was the 8th state to ratify the U.S. Constitution and the first to vote in favor of secession.

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The Georgia Nugget Peach Cobbler

Love summertime. Love laying on my back and watching the stars at night. Love listening to the crickets and the bull frogs and all the magical sounds of a summer’s evening. Love having Credence Clearwater Revival playing in my head long after the music has stopped. Best of all, I love peaches. I love the way the juices of the fruit run down my chin. I love the way the fuzz tickles my face. Biting into a freshly picked peach is like taking a bite right out of summer itself.

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A Southern Menu to Honor a Great Man

At first, I felt very intimidated when I sat down to plan a special menu for MLK Day. After all, I am viewed as a white woman by the world around me. My father is a mix of native American and Irish-English decent. My mother came from Filipino-Spanish ancestry with a dash of Chinese for good measure. While I consider myself to be a Heinz-57,  I am perceived as a white woman. An old white woman who can still remember a time when “Whites Only” was the norm. An old white woman whose education began in a school without “color” and all the faces looked like mine. What could I possible understand about honoring a man of such greatness?

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