Mexican Jalapeno Nacho Dogs

Do you like Nachos? We love Nachos. Sometimes when attending street fairs or festivals, Kiddo and I will get big plates of whatever Nachos. The beauty of Nachos is that just about anything can be transformed into that gooey-Mexican goodness.

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Chili Cheese Street Fair Sausage Dogs

A few years back, while attending a small-town car show, we discovered what has to be the best Sausage Dogs on the planet. One bite, and we were hooked. Lockford Meats and Sausage Company, in the little hamlet of Lockford California, sets up their giant barbecue grill at fairs and gatherings all around the central valley. They even have a Food Wagon at the Alameda Antique and Flea Market. While there are plenty of food vendors to choose from at the monthly Alameda gathering, Lockford’s is the only one that has a line – a very long line. People in the know don’t mind the wait.

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