National Days and Tortilla Wrapped Chili Dogs

Welcome to the last Thursday in July. That would make today National Chili Dog Day. I don’t know about you, but I am a big, big fan of Chili Dogs.

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Where There’s a Will

How’s life been thus far? I think, if we could have a do-over year because it was such a mess, 2020 would be at the top of the list. It’s not just the pandemic, it’s all the craziness.

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Double Dog for Delaware

On the National Day Front, today is French Fry Day, Beans and Franks Day and National Delaware Day. Delaware is recognized as the first State in the Union, as it was the first colony to declare independence from British rule and the first to adopt a territorial state constitution.

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Spicy Chili Cheese Corn Dogs

Would you believe that under all the spicy chili, creamy melting cheese, diced onions and chopped fresh peppers is a Corn Dog? Yep, this delicious casual supper is super easy, super tasty and super messy to eat. Although the Corn Dog has been around since the 1920s, I did not grow up eating Corn Dogs. We ate hot dogs. Lots and lots of hot dogs.

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National Chili Dog Day the Cincinnati Way

We’ve already established that today, the last Thursday in July, is National Chili Dog Day. Who knows hot dogs better than the ball parks all around America? Each stadium has their own special brand of dog. In Cincinnati, chili dogs are king.

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All American Chili Dog and Fries – What a Delicious Mess!

Know one seems to know when the day first came onto the American stage. Was it five years ago? Ten? Did social media spread the word? Who knows. Frankly, who cares? All that matters is that on the last Thursday in July, hot dog loves across our great nation slather chili all over their dogs. Seems fitting, since July is National Hot Dog Month. Just don’t tell my guys or we’ll be eating hot dogs all month-long!

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Chili Cheese Street Fair Sausage Dogs

A few years back, while attending a small-town car show, we discovered what has to be the best Sausage Dogs on the planet. One bite, and we were hooked. Lockford Meats and Sausage Company, in the little hamlet of Lockford California, sets up their giant barbecue grill at fairs and gatherings all around the central valley. They even have a Food Wagon at the Alameda Antique and Flea Market. While there are plenty of food vendors to choose from at the monthly Alameda gathering, Lockford’s is the only one that has a line – a very long line. People in the know don’t mind the wait.

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World Series Stadium Chili-Cheese Dog

October and the World Series. These two belong together as do Stadium Hot Dogs and Chili. Take me out to the ball park (or not). The World Series that left an impression on me was the 1969 Series – Baltimore Orioles pitted against the New Your Mets. (For the record, the Mets won).

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The Coney Island Dog

A Coney Island Dog (or Coney Dog or Coney) is a hot dog in a bun topped with a savory meat sauce. Often featured as part of a menu of dishes of Greek Origin and classic American diners; the Coney Island reference is largely a phenomenon related to immigration from Greece and the Macedonian region to the United States in the early 20th century.

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