Welcome to Delaware

Today is National Delaware Day. We’ve talked about the great state of Delaware before – a sate of firsts. The first to build a log cabin, the first to fly the Stars and Stripes, and the first to declare independence. Delaware has much to be proud of, much to celebrate.

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All the Makings For Delaware Day

Today we honor and celebrate the state of Firsts – Delaware. First to declare independence and establish a state constitution. Delaware boasts the earliest Swedish settlers in 1638, and the first to build a log cabin. There is reason Delaware’s motto is “The First State.”

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Double Dog for Delaware

On the National Day Front, today is French Fry Day, Beans and Franks Day and National Delaware Day. Delaware is recognized as the first State in the Union, as it was the first colony to declare independence from British rule and the first to adopt a territorial state constitution.

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