Carrots Lyonnaise

Typically, I shy away from trying two new recipes at the same time. Yet these carrots were so bright, flavored with onions and chicken bouillon, they simply demanded that they be paired with another new recipe; Chicken Breast Tarragon. While the Chicken is initially cooked in a pot with carrots and shallots, those are discarded from the final dish, used instead as a flavoring agent.

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Smokey Pan Seared Asparagus

This is a recipe I picked up a while back from It’s one of those recipes that you read, tell yourself “how simple” and file away, believing that the best way to serve asparagus is steamed with some sort of sauce such as Hollandaise. And then one day, you pull it out and cook it up. Much to your surprise, it’s not only wonderfully delicious, your non-asparagus eater (aka Kiddo) wants seconds.

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Haricots verts à l’étouffée (Stewed Green Beans)

A few years back, I was searching for a recipe for Green Beans with a French Twist. That’s when I came upon this recipe on Since then, I’ve made one very small adjustment – the introduction of a clove of pressed garlic. I couldn’t resist. I love garlic in just about everything, especially with stewed or sautéed vegetables.

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Grilled Asparagus with a Tarragon Cream Sauce – French Style

I love asparagus, especially asparagus that are pan seared, roasted or grilled. When “charred” just a little, the asparagus takes on a whole new dimension of smoky flavor. I love cream based sauces – so rich and decadent. I adore the wonderful licorice flavor that tarragon imparts. You can see why this recipe was perfect – bringing all those marvelous flavors together in one sinfully yummy side dish.

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