Second Sunday in Lent and The Good Samaritan

Lent is a time of reflections, to acknowledge our sins, our transgressions, to make amends. It is a time to ask for the forgiveness, to rejoice in the resurrection and to prepare for the life of the world to come.

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Rump Roast Supper in an Instant

Did you notice I didn’t have a recipe posted on Sunday? Maybe you didn’t notice, but I sure did. I write my posts in advance, scheduled for 5 in the morning. Once up, I share the latest posting on Face Book, then off I go with whatever the day may hold.

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Sharing Instant Pot Beef Barbacoa

Today is World Food Day. As delicious as it would be to sample the flavors the World has to offer, today isn’t about a bountiful spread. Today is about recognizing the need for one.

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Chuck Roast Supper in an Instant

It’s been a hot minute since we last talked about Sunday Family Supper. Not since August and our Finger Lickin’ Good Fried Chicken. For me, growing up it was almost always some sort of Chicken for Sunday Supper. Roast Beef was a welcome but distant second.

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Instant Pot Eye of Round Roast Supper

Eye of Round is really a tough piece of meat. It’s also an excellent cut of beef for your Instant Pot. Unlike other cuts of beef, the Eye of Round will hold its shape and not fall apart under pressure. (Yes, pun intended).

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Instant Pot Chuck Roast with Gravy

One Saturday morning, I awoke to realize I had forgotten to take the Chuck Roast from the freezer. There was no way to make my planned Zesty Slow-Cooker Italian Pot Roast. Hubby so enjoys a good pot roast. Instead of kicking myself, I decided there was more than one way to cook a Chuck Roast.

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