Savor The Flavors of Pennsylvania

Did you know that the oldest residential street still in existence in America is Elfreth’s Alley? The entire reason that this street exists was for cart access for artisans toting their wares from their workshops to the trade based in Philadelphia’s Delaware River Ports. The buildings along the alleyway were erected in 1703; offering craftsmen of the time a place to set up shop on the lower levels, with living quarters above.

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Instant Pot Eye of Round Roast Supper

Eye of Round is really a tough piece of meat. It’s also an excellent cut of beef for your Instant Pot. Unlike other cuts of beef, the Eye of Round will hold its shape and not fall apart under pressure. (Yes, pun intended).

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Tender Eye of Round Garlic Roast

Today’s post was already written, just waiting in the wings for the witching hour (5 am) to post when we sat down to dinner last night. Dinner was so doggone good, I could not wait to share it.

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