Pennsylvania Day and Hot Dogs

July 20 we celebrate the state of Pennsylvania. Pennsylvania was the second state to join the union, and once served as the capital of the newly formed country – America.

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Savor The Flavors of Pennsylvania

Did you know that the oldest residential street still in existence in America is Elfreth’s Alley? The entire reason that this street exists was for cart access for artisans toting their wares from their workshops to the trade based in Philadelphia’s Delaware River Ports. The buildings along the alleyway were erected in 1703; offering craftsmen of the time a place to set up shop on the lower levels, with living quarters above.

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Pennsylvania 6-5000

The moment I heard that today was National Pennsylvania Day my head was filled with a Jazzy Fox Trot. I might be old, but I’m not that old. Missed the 40s by a decade or so. And in case you are wondering Pennsylvania 6-5000 was an actual telephone number. Had you dialed that in 1940, you would have gotten the Hotel Pennsylvania in New York City. Completely different Pennsylvania, I know.

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