Summertime Chicken Cordon Bleu Stromboli

Kiddo is a fan of Chicken Cordon Bleu, as am I. Hubby, not so much. He’d rather eat thighs than breasts. He’s not a fan of cheese stuffed into chicken, but he does like a ham and cheese sandwich. Go figure.

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Celebrating National Pizza Day – Sort of

Today is National Pizza Day, which ask the question is a Stromboli or a Calzone just another word for pizza? They are. But then again, they aren’t. Pizzas are open-faced, Stromboli are square pizza dough that is rolled. Calzones are round pizza dough that is folded in half. The similarities are in the dough. The differences are what you do with it.

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Easy Spaghetti Stromboli

If you are like me, when you cook up Spaghetti there are always leftovers to deal with. I’m not complaining – my guys get a few lunches out of what’s left. I like to make Spaghetti Meatball Sandwiches as a second meal. Of course that means I would have to make the spaghetti with meatballs rather than a meat sauce. Recently, I made a double batch of my Smoking Spaghetti with beer in the sauce. I needed plenty of leftovers for a new Stromboli recipe I was anxious to try.

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Easy Deli Stromboli

As we stood at the check out stand of our grocery store, the cashier rang up our purchases and chatted up a storm. She had a comment about just about everything that came from the cart to the register. The deli meats and sub sandwich oil were of particular interest. As it turned out, she loved sandwiches. She lived for sandwiches and the idea of someone making a sandwich seemed to excite her beyond measure.

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Salami and Ham Stromboli

Today is the first game of the Wild Card Series as we count down the games to the Super Bowl. Did your team make it into the playoffs? Great! Reason to celebrate with an awesome Stromboli while you enjoy the game. What’s that you say? Out of the play-offs? So sorry. Let’s lick our wounds with an awesome Stromboli as we dream of next year’s season. Oh, you don’t follow football – that’s okay, too. You don’t have to be a football fan to appreciate an awesome Stromboli. Just for the record, Hubby’s beloved Packers didn’t make it to the playoffs this year.

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