Making A Day at the Beach Count

In 1929 the Knights of Columbus in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, launched a National Beach Day as part of their convention plans. It was hoped that Knights across the country would host a day at the beach all across the country on the same day, August 30th. The idea never gained much attention and was soon forgotten.

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Celebrate Picnic Day in Style

Did you know that the word Picnic is from the French work Piquenique? Reaps pris en plein air, dans la natural. In other words Meal taken outdoors, in nature. Picnic. A meal that hearkens back to mid 18th Century al fresco French dining.

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A Simple Autumn Picnic and the Beauty of Nature

Those of you who have been following along for a while know that I’m just a little touched in the head when it comes to organizing and planning. Making lists, having a plan is my security blanket. Take the family meal as an example, I have it roughed out for weeks if not months in advance. It is from the plan that the shopping list is created.

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Make Ahead Picnic Wraps for the Open Road

Summer means two things – road trips and picnics. Whenever possible I like to pack a picnic lunch before hitting the road. This is especially true for our long drives up to Oregon and Washington. With so much beauty along the way, it would be a shame to spend even a minute inside a roadside diner. Growing up we always packed our own foods for the road. I loved it then, and I love it today. The only difference is that today I’ve graduated from bologna sandwiches with stale potato chips to picnics with pzazz.

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Ascension Thursday Picnic

I began working on this menu at the beginning of Holy Week. Why? I was looking ahead, beyond Easter to the next “big” event in the Church calendar. Ascension Thursday, for those who believe, is a pretty big deal. It is the day when the resurrected Christ rose to the heavens. All over the world, the Catholic faithful are called to Mass to honor this day. Unfortunately, in many dioceses in America, the mass is held on the following Sunday. I mean really, isn’t it enough that we attend on Christmas even when it falls in the middle of the week? (Sarcasm folks). Any way you count it, forty days from Easter Sunday will always be a Thursday.

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Celebrating National Picnic Day

Yesterday was International Earth Day, and today is National Picnic Day. It was hard to pick a day to share this menu between the two, since having a picnic on Earth Day makes sense. Earth Day, Picnic Day. I went back and forth, but as an American, I had to go with Picnic Day. And let me tell you why.

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The Mardi Gras Picnic Muffuletta is Awesome Anytime

Did you know that Muffuletta is not only a sandwich, it’s also a type of round Sicilian Sesame Bread? I didn’t know that. Did you know that the Muffuletta Sandwich as we know it today was actually created in for the public in a Grocery Market on Decatur Street in New Orleans in 1906. The bread itself has been around for centuries, and is commonly eaten on the Day of the Dead, November 2. However; in America this Sicilian sandwich is a big deal at Mardi Gras. Whatever the reason, whatever the celebration or excuse, this is a great sandwich to offer up to a hungry group of people strolling through the park on a beautiful spring afternoon.

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Italian Muffuletta Picnic Sandwich

Today is the first day of spring. Don’t look at the temperature outside, it’s officially spring and that means Picnic Season! If you have a good Italian Deli in town, you could always pick up a nice, big Muffuletta Sandwich to throw in your picnic basket. Or with a little planning ahead, you could make your own awesome sandwich designed to feed a small country. A bottle of wine, a cluster of grapes and off you go on a new adventure. So what if there’s still a little snow on the ground!

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A Labor Day Picnic to Bid Summer a Fond Adieu

I love picnics, don’t you? There’s something magical about eating outdoors – be it on the patio, at the beach, along a riverbank or under the canopy of beautiful trees that seems to make everything taste better. And what better way to bid farewell to summer than with a picnic?

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Earth Day is coming so Let’s Pack a Picnic!

Did you know that next Sunday, April 22nd is International Earth Day? Ever wondered how a day to celebrate the Earth ever got started? This observance arose from the interest of two men to gather national support in America for environmental issues. In 1969 at a UNESCO Conference in San Francisco peace activist John McConnell proposed a day to honor the Earth and the concept of peace. He called for a grassroots demonstration and selected March 21, 1970 (the spring equinox). Wisconsin Senator Gaylord Nelson sanctified the event in a proclamation that was signed by Secretary General U Thant at the United Nations. A month later, a separate Earth Day was founded by Senator Nelson as an environmental teach-in.

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