Celebrate Autumn with Kindness

In the past, sometime around mid-September, I’ve shared a Harvest Supper to celebrate the transition from Summer Entertaining to Autumn Suppers. It dawned on me that the whole craziness of 2020 put a kink in things. Maybe it’s been all the rules and regulations surrounding family time and socialization, or maybe it was because this year was unseasonably warm in September. Autumn just wasn’t in the air.

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A Simple Autumn Picnic and the Beauty of Nature

Those of you who have been following along for a while know that I’m just a little touched in the head when it comes to organizing and planning. Making lists, having a plan is my security blanket. Take the family meal as an example, I have it roughed out for weeks if not months in advance. It is from the plan that the shopping list is created.

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Autumn Apple Chicken Thighs

Do you know what I love about soups? Oh sure, there are the obvious reasons – delicious, comforting, cozy. But then there are the other reasons, such as presentation. I love my soup tureen. I love having Bouillon Spoons in my flatware drawer. And I love those cute little soup bowls with handles.

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A Harvest Moon is Reason Enough to Celebrate

When I was a girl, I remember one evening out in the corn field, picking the last of the corn with my Dad. The moon was so bright, and so big I felt I could easily reach up and touch it. I asked my Dad about the moon. (Like all young girls; I believed my Dad knew everything). He said it was a harvest moon. When I asked why, he spread his arms out and said because you can harvest by the light of the moon. It was something I have never forgotten. (In case you were wondering, a harvest moon is an annual event. It is the first full moon closest to the fall equinox – usually mid to late September or very early October). This year, tonight will be the Harvest Moon. I might just need to stand in my little garden and bath in the beautiful light of the Harvest Moon.

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Autumn Minestrone with Tortellini Pasta Revisited

This is a recipe I originally shared as my first post, almost a year ago. It received very little attention since I was a novice on the blogging scene. Actually, I’m still pretty green and at times I feel as though I’m wandering around in the dark. Still, this delicious Minestrone deserves a little attention. And what better day than today, the first day of Autumn.

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Harvest Supper Celebration in Six-Courses

I know, it’s only mid-September, but I am anxious for Thanksgiving. It’s too early to start planning my menu, so I thought I’d put together a nice supper with a harvest theme to get the ball rolling.

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