Thanksgiving is Coming!

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving and you are hosting. If you don’t have your menu planned and your recipes selected, no need to panic. Hopefully, you’re turkey is thawed. Deep breath – we’ve got this.

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Let Us Gather and Give Thanks

Tomorrow is the big day – Thanksgiving. This year there have been so many changes to our Thanksgiving Day Celebrations. Adjustments if you will. After a multitude of changes, I’m finally ready to share our plans with the world.

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Let Us Give Thanks

Can you believe it? Thanksgiving is less than a week away. For some of us in America, Thanksgiving might look and feel very different. While some are comfortable traveling again, others are leery of venturing outside the safety of our own backyards. Many are downsizing their holiday gatherings and even hosting a Virtual Thanksgiving with family attending via zoom.

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Cute Chocolate Acorns To Save The Day!

Once upon a time in America, the only thing open on Thanksgiving were grocery stores, and only in the morning for all those last minute Thanksgiving emergencies. I don’t know about you, but I’ve had a few.  Forgot the butter for the rolls. Forgot the yeast for the bread or the whipped cream for the pies.

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An Extraordinary Thanksgiving

There are traditions around the holidays. Each family has their own traditional brand while still conforming to the “norms” set long ago. Cooking a turkey for Thanksgiving is the norm. How we cook our turkey, that’s another subject all together. Roasting, deep frying, cooking it on a rotisserie. All these are great.

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Beyond Just the Turkey

There is no other day in America when family and food take center stage like Thanksgiving. It’s not about presents. It’s not about attending an organized, orchestrated form of worship. It’s truly about “going home” – and all the emotion that “home” evokes within us.

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Sweet Memories of Thanksgiving

Growing up, I remember Dad rose on Thanksgiving morning long before the sun ever did. He made the bread cubes for his wonderful stuffing early on Thanksgiving morning. I can remember wandering down the dark hallway toward the kitchen, drawn in by the smell of bread toasting and the scent of sage.

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Kahlúa-Pineapple Candied Sweet Potatoes

One week from tomorrow and it will be Thanksgiving. Every year at Thanksgiving, someone volunteers to make their version of “Candied Yams” for our Thanksgiving Feast. In reality, what they are making are Candied Sweet Potatoes.

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