Down on the Bayou Louisiana Style

Today we celebrate the Bayou State, Louisiana. Throughout the history of the state, the beautiful blending of races and cultures have resulted in the Delta’s own unique flair. Visitors from all around the globe are drawn to the distinct flavors of Louisiana and to listen to the unmistakable sounds of the region.

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Louisiana Chicken and Sausage Jambalaya

When it comes to states in our Great Nation, hands down Louisiana is my favorite. At least from a culinary perspective. While I waffle back and forth between French and Italian as my favorite type of food, when it comes to the French influence in America hands down it’s New Orleans French Foods.

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Louisiana Shrimp Étouffée 1

It’s only fitting that a state that gave us National Treasures such as Jazz, Creole Cooking and America’s best Mardi Gras would have its own special day. Part of the Louisiana Purchase of land from France in 1803, Louisiana was the first of 15 states to be carved out of the region. The great state of Louisiana entered the union in 1812.

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