Ember Days of Advent and an Abundant Feast

Today is the final Ember Days of Advent. Ember Days were meant as a way to give thanks to the Lord, our God, for all He has done for us. Blessings aren’t always easily recognized.

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Down on the Bayou Louisiana Style

Today we celebrate the Bayou State, Louisiana. Throughout the history of the state, the beautiful blending of races and cultures have resulted in the Delta’s own unique flair. Visitors from all around the globe are drawn to the distinct flavors of Louisiana and to listen to the unmistakable sounds of the region.

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Fat Tuesday’s New Orleans Feast

Welcome to March! It’s Minnesota Day and Peanut Butter Lover’s Day and best of all, Fat Tuesday. This is our big Hurrah before we get serious with the Lenten Season.

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Morning Breakfast in a Cajun Skillet

Good morning and welcome to another beautiful, blessed Saturday. Every day is beautiful because it is new – and provides us with opportunities galore. The opportunity to bring a smile to a stranger’s face. The opportunity to ease the pain of a child we’ve never met. The opportunity to make a difference.

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It’s National Pasta Day – Hooray!

October is National Pasta Month, and today is National Pasta Day. Did you know there are over 150 different kinds of Common Pastas to choose from? According to the Encyclopedia of Pasta (yeah, a real thing) there are 310 specific kinds of pasta, with 1,300 different names. While noodles were invented in China, pasta is usually associated with Italian Cooking. Yet pasta can be found in dishes worldwide.

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Mother’s Day Surf and Turf

Happy Mother’s Day to mothers everywhere. Let’s hope this year, we can gathered together to celebrate the beauty of motherhood. Motherhood is so much more that a biological connection. While blood may be thicker than water, love is as solid as a rock.

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