Gotta Love Breakfast!

Hello Saturday! And welcome to October – the bewitching month. Did you know that today is National Pumpkin Spice Day? Yep. But you won’t be getting any pumpkin spice recipes from me today.

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A Burger Breakfast for Two

Did you know that today is Donald Duck Day? Personally, I have fond memories of that pantless duck. Why no pants? There doesn’t seem to be enough information out there to definitely say why he dresses like a sailor and where his pants might be.

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Morning Breakfast in a Cajun Skillet

Good morning and welcome to another beautiful, blessed Saturday. Every day is beautiful because it is new – and provides us with opportunities galore. The opportunity to bring a smile to a stranger’s face. The opportunity to ease the pain of a child we’ve never met. The opportunity to make a difference.

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Tater Tot Waffles with Fried Eggs

Today Mickey Mouse turns 93 – at least on film. Happy Birthday my old friend. As a child, I belonged to the Mickey Mouse Club – had an official jacket and everything. What about you?

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Fried Egg Chorizo English Muffins

As you can imagine, we have certain ingredients in our house most of the time. Avocados or guacamole. Tomatoes. Chorizo. And Tortillas. And Cilantro. The list goes on and on. Just about anything needed for a South of the Border Meal.

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Who Says You Cannot Cook from a Can?

Today is National Corned Beef Hash Day. What is Corned Beef Hash? At its basic form, it’s a corn beef brisket, onions, potatoes and spices. Hash is an English word that means throwing something together, fitting of Corned Beef Hash.

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Lazy Fried Egg Breakfast

Dear Diary – is it okay to want breakfast all day long? Yeah, you guessed it, today is Dear Diary Day. It’s also Ice Cream Cone Day and White Chocolate Day and Autumnal Equinox and Elephant Appreciation and Car Free and oh me oh my the list goes on and on.

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Breakfast In the Spirit of Eggs Benedict

If there is one thing I adore, it’s a perfectly fried egg. You know, the whites fully cooked while the yolk is still bright and runny. There is a richness to runny yolks that isn’t found in a hard yolk.

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Clarifying Dirty Fried Eggs

Maybe I should stop writing in the morning, when I’m craving something for breakfast – eggs seems to be the theme around the kitchen these days. My favorite meal of the day is breakfast (even for dinner) and it seems that another recipe for eggs is just lurking around the next corner.

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Quail Eggs and Country Sausage on an English Muffin

Have you ever wanted something but you didn’t know what? I wanted breakfast, but nothing too heavy. Something not too filling, but more than a quick bowl of cereal. Something that wasn’t going to turn my kitchen up-side-down. Something easy and cook friendly.

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Egg Asparagus Milanese with French Popovers

I adore Italian foods. I adore French foods. So why not bring the two together at the breakfast table, with a few American touches? This beautiful breakfast was so easy to prepare, although the kitchen was turned up-side-down in the process.

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Country Corned Beef Hash and “Dirty” Fried Eggs

It’s another beautiful Sunday.  My guys have been busy trimming, pruning and generally cleaning up the yard.  We have both a large backyard and spacious side yard. The two are separated by a chain-link fence. Along the entire back fence are trees – all in need of a little TLC. One of those trees is an almond tree, planted back when all this land was part of an almond orchard. The side yard is just dirt with planter boxes. Come spring, the side yard will be transformed into our garden. Last year we had tomatoes. This year – who knows? A great deal will depend upon the return of the drought to our state and the cost of water.

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