Mexican Brunch on a Plate

Have I mentioned that my absolute favorite meal of the day is breakfast-brunch? Pastries and pancakes and all sorts of wonderful things. If I could eat only once, it would be the morning meal. And if I had it my way, that meal would last all day.

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Tortilla Breakfast Bake

One of the things I’m always on the look out for is a weekend Breakfast that is colorful, flavorful and comes together in a snap. This Breakfast Bake give me all that and then some.

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Authentic Huevos-Rancheros

Such bright, beautiful colors! Wonderful flavors. A little kick to spice up the day. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, or so I’ve been told. Rarely do we have time for breakfast during the week. I wish I could tell you that we make up for it on the weekends, but the truth of the matter is MAYBE with a little luck, Sundays might include breakfast at home.

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Chorizo con Huevos

Growing up, my mother cooked up some wonderful Chorizo. Ours came in a can, packed in lard, from Spain. Relatives passing through on their worldly travels always remembered to bring a can – knowing how much my Dad loved the stuff with his eggs in the morning.

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