Third Friday of Lent and Scrambled Egg

Depending upon how you keep count, today is either the second or third Friday of Lent. Need more information? Me too.

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Denver’s Eggs without the Omelette

Do you like a Denver Omelette? Silly question, right? Most people, including Kiddo and Hubby, do. Sometimes I’m in the mood for everything except the omelette part. That’s when I switch into scramble mode.

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The Quirky Things We Like to Eat

Okay folks, let’s all fess up – what strange, quirky foods do you like to eat when no one is looking – you know the stuff I’m talking about – concoctions from your childhood that you made up or when you were a teenager that you still eat every now and then as an adult. For a while as a teenager I ate tuna fish sandwiches made with yellow mustard. Not because I liked the taste of tuna with yellow mustard, but because mustard isn’t as fattening as mayonnaise and we all know how teenage girls (even skinny ones) worry about body image.

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Dirty Scrambled Eggs with Chives and Green Onions

Believe me I know, chives and green onions seems like an over-kill, doesn’t it? I’m here to tell you it isn’t. Chives are delicate and add pretty color to the eggs, while the onion “kick” comes from the chopped white part of a green onion.

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Birthday Breakfast Cupcakes with Potatoes and Scrambled Eggs

Who doesn’t like a birthday breakfast in bed? Who doesn’t like a cupcake with a cherry on top? Okay, so this isn’t a “real” cupcake as in cake – it’s still just as adorable.

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Scrambled Quail Eggs – Live and Learn

A few years back, I found a store that carried quail – as in the little birds and the tiny eggs. I had always wanted to try quail eggs. They are so small and cute. I wondered about the flavor.

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Sunday Morning Scrambled Eggs with Diced Ham

Lately, I’ve been in a breakfast frame of mind. I adore weekends – those mornings when there is no need for my guys to rush out the door and skip the most important meal of the day – breakfast. During the holidays, with the long weekends it gave my guys that precious time to savor the mornings. Omelettes, scrambled eggs, piles of buttery pancakes – this breakfast loving gal has been in heaven! It’s always a treat when we can start our mornings together, sitting down to a nice, hot breakfast. Can you tell – I adore spending time with Hubby and Kiddo.

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Picky About My Eggs

I don’t know about you, but I am EXTREMELY picky when it comes to eggs at breakfast – be it fried or scrambled. With a good fried egg, I want the white fully set, with the yolk bright and runny.  As for scrambled – they MUST be cooked through without being dry or rubbery. I’m no expert when it comes to eggs, I just know what I like, what my family will eat and what works for me.

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