Open-Face Scrambled Egg Sandwich

On the National Front, today is all about the orange. It’s National Candied Orange Peel Day and National Orange Juice Day. Now maybe it’s just me, but I would have tied Orange Juice Day to Florida Day.

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Cheesy Ham and Egg Biscuit Sandwich

As many of you know, I am a huge fan of Eggs Benedict. I’m not sure if it’s the richness of the broken yolk dripping down onto the plate or the buttery-creaminess of a perfect Hollandaise Sauce that gets my motor running.

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The Quirky Things We Like to Eat

Okay folks, let’s all fess up – what strange, quirky foods do you like to eat when no one is looking – you know the stuff I’m talking about – concoctions from your childhood that you made up or when you were a teenager that you still eat every now and then as an adult. For a while as a teenager I ate tuna fish sandwiches made with yellow mustard. Not because I liked the taste of tuna with yellow mustard, but because mustard isn’t as fattening as mayonnaise and we all know how teenage girls (even skinny ones) worry about body image.

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