Morning Breakfast in a Cajun Skillet

Good morning and welcome to another beautiful, blessed Saturday. Every day is beautiful because it is new – and provides us with opportunities galore. The opportunity to bring a smile to a stranger’s face. The opportunity to ease the pain of a child we’ve never met. The opportunity to make a difference.

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Sitting Tall Creamy Skillet Potatoes

There is something wonderful about fresh Rosemary and potatoes, don’t you think? And I love the smell of Rosemary as it is roasting in the oven. Just thinking about creamy, silky rounds of potatoes with nothing more than Rosemary, salt and pepper for extra flavor gets my mouth to watering. Such simplicity.

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Next Up – Father’s Day Barbecue

One more week and counting. Now that we live in another town, holidays are especially meaningful. Never take your family for granted. A few years ago, Father’s Day with dear old Dad was celebrated on Saturday. Dad’s not getting about as he once did and that year he was fearful to venture from the family farm. Just as well, I enjoy the farm.

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