A Burger Fit for Dear Old Dad

Truth be told, ever since we first had these awesomely delicious burgers in a pub in Sutter Creek, I’ve been looking for an excuse to make them at home. Father’s Day, as it turns out, is just the excuse needed.

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Next Up – Father’s Day Barbecue

One more week and counting. Now that we live in another town, holidays are especially meaningful. Never take your family for granted. A few years ago, Father’s Day with dear old Dad was celebrated on Saturday. Dad’s not getting about as he once did and that year he was fearful to venture from the family farm. Just as well, I enjoy the farm.

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Father’s Day Cookout for the Whole Gang

Father’s Day is nearly upon us, another special day for gathering with family to break bread, tell a few stories and take time out of our hectic lives to reconnect with one another. This is especially true if siblings have scattered with the four winds. Having grown up in a very close family, Father’s Day is extra special.

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