Grilled Cajun Country Pork Ribs

Today is 7th Sunday of Easter. Since moving the Feast of Ascension Thursday to Sunday, Catholics throughout the world are celebrating Christ’s Ascension into heaven at today’s Mass.

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Liquid Smoke Spice Rubbed Country Ribs

I can think of a host of reasons to be bummed during this Pandemic Isolation. I miss all the weekend fairs and festivals, especially the little Farmer’s Markets and Antique Street Fairs. I miss walking about up in the foothills, exploring all the quaint little mining communities. I miss wine tasting and the fellowship of Sunday Mass.

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Next Up – Father’s Day Barbecue

One more week and counting. Now that we live in another town, holidays are especially meaningful. Never take your family for granted. A few years ago, Father’s Day with dear old Dad was celebrated on Saturday. Dad’s not getting about as he once did and that year he was fearful to venture from the family farm. Just as well, I enjoy the farm.

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Country Ribs with Golden Eagle Barbecue Sauce

On the outskirts of Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin stood the Golden Eagle Tavern. The bar itself was small, with living quarters on one side and a separate building on the other side that made and sold the most amazing barbecue sandwiches. The location was perfect – right along the highway between Wisconsin Rapids and Steven’s Point. On any given day, travelers along the picturesque wooded state route would pull off the road and mosey on up to the rustic log establishment to order some of the best barbecue around. What set the Golden Eagle Tavern and Grill apart was their barbecue sauce.

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