Pan-Fried Potatoes the Southern Way

Today is National Arkansas Day. In honor of this Southern State, I thought we might fry up a big skillet of taters. But before we do, let’s talk about Arkansas.

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Sitting Tall Creamy Skillet Potatoes

There is something wonderful about fresh Rosemary and potatoes, don’t you think? And I love the smell of Rosemary as it is roasting in the oven. Just thinking about creamy, silky rounds of potatoes with nothing more than Rosemary, salt and pepper for extra flavor gets my mouth to watering. Such simplicity.

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Country Style Southern Fried Taters

To peel or not to peel – that is the question. Wither it is better to eat potatoes in their skins or let them be “naked” is really a personal thing. I like my potatoes (baked, fried or even mashed) with their skins – better flavor with more texture and added fiber to your diet, but that’s just me and my needs. Potatoes are one of those wonderful things that you can have most any time. Great for breakfast (love fried potatoes with a big Veggie Omelette). Fried Taters are especially delicious accompanying grilled meats such as smoked Dry Rub Tri-tip or Beer-Can Chicken with Cola Barbecue Sauce. The one thing I didn’t like about fried potatoes was that the potatoes seemed to take forever to cook, and more often than not, had a greasy taste.

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