Ember Days, Minnesota and Burgers

Show us, O Lord, the light of Your kindness

Today is the first of three Ember Days of Spring or the Lenten Season. These are days of old, no longer held in the same high regard as before. They were observed as days of fasting and abstinence. The Ember Days of Spring are movable; as they are observed on the first Wednesday, Friday and Saturday following Ash Wednesday.

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Minnesota Day and Wild Rice Chicken Soup

Welcome to National Minnesota Day! Remember yesterday, when we had that awesome roast chicken supper? In our house, unless we’re having people over, a roast chicken is the key to more than one good meal.

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It’s Minnesota Day!

The first of March gave us plenty of National Days to pick from. Dadgum That’s Good Day, Fruit Compote Day, Peanut Butter Lover’s Day and National Pig Day just to name a few. Although I think it would have been in poor taste to roast a pig on a day set aside to honor the intelligence of the pig.

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