Wyoming and Barbecue Foil Packs

Today is National Wyoming Day. Wyoming – how I love that state! I love the people. I love the hard life it offers. Sometimes I wonder where we might be today, had we moved to Wyoming way back all those years ago. But then again, there would be no Kiddo or Kamren or Grace.

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Wyoming, The Cowboy State

Today is both Wyoming Day and National Escargot Day. While I don’t know for sure, it would be a safe bet that very few folks from the Cowboy State eat snails. Those are pests in their gardens and not delicacies for the table.

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Welcome to Wyoming’s Frontier

Wyoming is one of my favorite states for a variety of reason. Wyoming was the first territory to grant women the right to vote. Although the 10th largest state by area, it has the smallest population with just over a half a million total. Yet millions of tourists annually trek to Yellowstone’s Old Faithful. That means more people visit a single spot within state than the combined total who live there.

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