Wyoming, The Cowboy State

Today is both Wyoming Day and National Escargot Day. While I don’t know for sure, it would be a safe bet that very few folks from the Cowboy State eat snails. Those are pests in their gardens and not delicacies for the table.

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Buffalo Burgers on Sandwich Thin Buns

Have you ever had Buffalo Burgers? Stop just about anywhere in and around Yellowstone for a burger and you’re sure to find these delicious burgers on the menu. Buffalo Burgers, or Bison Burgers to be correct, are rich in flavor, low in fat and a great source of protein. Bison meat is lower in calories and cholesterol than cattle beef, pork, turkey, skinless chickens and even some fish. Typically speaking, most Bison are grass-fed, allowed to roam, and are not given the usual chemicals such as hormones and antibiotics. As long as we are talking benefits of Bison, here’s a little surprise – Bison meat gives you the same Omega 3s as a serving of salmon. How ’bout that for a plus. Wile bison tastes similar to high quality beef, it is known for being slightly sweeter than other types of red meat.

bison meat 2

The first time Hubby and I tasted Bison was more than twenty years ago, at a little hole in the wall cafe on the outskirts of Cody Wyoming. It was so delicious. And very gamey tasting. You would need to be a fan of venison or elk to appreciate the flavor of bison. That was back in the day when Bison wasn’t the popular choice of beef eaters as a healthy alternative to red meat. It’s growing popularity and increased demand has changed the landscape of Bison Ranches. Some are taking a more domestic approach to rearing Bison, while others are using a Bison-Cattle cross-breed. (My Dad had a breeding bull that was a mix – his offspring had some of that wild flavor).

Here’s a little tip: while bison today is still delicious, the bison is becoming more domesticated and has lost some of its wild flavor. Know your source to get the best bison possible.

To truly appreciate the unique flavor of Buffalo Burgers, I would highly recommend serving the burgers on a thin bun such as Multi-Grain Sandwich Thins. While we generally love all things grilled over an open fire, buffalo or bison burgers are best grilled on a gas grill rather than charcoal. The meat cooks up quickly, and gas give you a better control over the heat.

Note: Ground Buffalo or Bison meat can be purchased by the pound like ground beef or already formed into thick burgers. Most well-stocked grocery markets carry either the patties or ground meat to form your own. If ground meat is your choice, plan to form 3 burgers for each pound of ground bison.  If you cannot find bison in your area, a great source would be a from a sustainable ranch in South Dakota with a wonderful approach to raising bison the natural way.  https://wildideabuffalo.com/

Buffalo Burgers on Sandwich Thin Buns
3 Buffalo Burger Patties
Black Pepper to taste
1 Tomato, large
Green Leaf Lettuce
Red Onion
3 Buns – Sandwich Thins
1/4 Cup Mayonnaise
2 Tablespoons Chives, chopped

Heat grill to medium heat. While grill is heating, season burgers with pepper and set aside.

Slice tomato, set aside. Rinse 4 lettuce leaves, pat dry and set aside. Slice red onion into rings and set aside.

Chop chives. Place mayonnaise in a small bowl and mix chives into the mayonnaise. Set aside.

Cook burgers 5 minutes per side. Buffalo meat is lean, so don’t over cook.

While the burgers are grilling, split sandwich thins and toast lightly.

To serve: Split open the Sandwich Thin buns. Spread a little mustard on bottom bun. Top with lettuce, tomato, onion slices and Bison Burger. Spread a little mayonnaise mixture on remaining bun. Place on top of burger and enjoy.

Buffalo Burgers on Sandwich Thins (3)



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