Don’t Fry Friday and Memorial Weekend

Having the mind-set of a home cook as I do, the first time I heard that the Friday before Memorial Day was also National Don’t Fry Day, my mind immediately thought of fried foods. Turns out, that’s not the case at all.

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Blackberry Balsamic Summer Berry Salad

Today is National Pick a Strawberry Day. I gave the idea of picking strawberries a great deal of thought. After all, we are growing strawberries in the garden this year. Picking our own strawberries is a subject for another day.

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Old-Fashion Fruit Cocktail Salad with Mini Marshmallows

Recently when Hubby and I were out “antiquing” we found some of those awesome Jello Molds. You know the ones I’m talking about. People actually hung them in the kitchen as a decoration when they weren’t making Lime Jello with Chopped Lettuce. And yeah, that’s a thing people.


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Finding a Rainbow

Did you know that today is National Find a Rainbow Day and National Walking Day? Wouldn’t it be lovely to take a stroll after those April Showers and be greeted by a beautiful rainbow? But then again, there’s no promise of finding a rainbow in the sky as  you stroll along after the rain. So how about this idea instead – take a walk, then come home to a beautiful Rainbow Fruit Platter. Depending upon when you take your stroll, this could be an afternoon delight or the evening’s dessert.

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