Ahoy an’ Welcome Aboard Mates

Ahoy there an’ come aboard. Today we celebrate two amazin’ National Days – one o’ which be nearrr an’ dearrr to a gentleman o’ fortune’s ‘eart – rum! Aye indeed, today be National Rum Day. Ask any gentleman o’ fortune, an’ ‘e’ll tell ye rum be jolly to drink. ‘Owever, a rum laced cake be our way to celebrate the day. But let’s not get ahead o’ ourselves.

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East Meets West on the Banks of the Elbe

Once upon a time, a common enemy would unite people. World War II is a great example of a common enemy – Germany united Russia and America to fight on the same side. This common bond was never better demonstrated to the press than the reenactment of East Meets West on the banks of the Elbe River.

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Creamy Wisconsin Bratwurst Stew

Before we get too far into Springtime and all those warm days that turn us away from things like Stews, I wanted to share this dish from Wisconsin. Kiddo and I loved it. Hubby not so much.

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An Oktoberfest Bratwurst Vegetable Supper

Here it is the end of October already and I have yet to share an Oktoberfest meal with you. To be honest, I don’t know much about Oktoberfest except that in Germany it is a big deal and here in America it is like Saint Patrick’s Day – an excuse to drink beer. Still, I wanted to do something colorful and festive for my family that involved beer – as in something cooked in beer. The solution? Bratwurst, of course.

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Green Bay’s Bratty Pepper Hoagie

In case you missed it, last Thursday Night’s game was Philadelphia Eagles at Green Bay. In my house, it means Hubby is glued to the TV with a big wedge of cheese on his beautiful head. It also means something for supper that can be eaten on the sofa, involving Bratwurst if at all possible.

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Go Packers – It’s Bratwurst Burger Time!

1998-01-04The official Bratwurst Season is now in full swing. That means a lot of yelling and swearing at the TV. It means Hubby’s blood pressure is sure to rise – and that the veins in his forehead are popping up.

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Bratwurst in Beer with Grilled Onions – It’s Kick Off Time

Football season is in full swing. From pre-season games to the Super Bowl, Hubby is one die-hard fan. He has gotten better over the years, recording a game if the schedule conflicts with family time. Because Kiddo and I love Hubby, we do our best not to let that happen. We know if roles were reversed, he’d do the same. However; our extended family hasn’t a clue who is playing when, so family gatherings and the Packers schedule sometimes clashes.

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