My Wish to You

A New Year? Oh yes, please! For so many of us, 2020 has been the worst of times, filled with unmeasurable heartache and overwhelming difficulties. For some the loss is physical – be it home, income or a love one. For others it’s been emotionally devastating with demons lurking in the darkness. My heart aches for the whole of the world this New Year’s Eve. The sadness is so profoundly deep.

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The Magic of a Child’s Heart

Here’s to hoping that everyone had a wonderful Christmas. It’s been a while since I’ve had a good rant. So before the madness of the holidays fades too much, here goes . . .

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May the Lights of Christmas bring Joy

Throughout the Christmas Season, we are bombarded with images that have so little to do with what is important in the grand scheme of things. Big ticket items and rushing about to be the first on the block with the latest electronic whatever. So much of Christmas is lost in the process.

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Whatever you do, Don’t Over Do It!

Leading up to Christmas Day, I kept hearing the same thing from my home health nurse, from my doctor and most of all from my family. Don’t over do it. I’m only now reaching the half-way point in healing process from open heart surgery. The only restriction that remains (besides stretching and bending) is the “don’t over do” rule. What does that mean exactly? Is spending three hours wrapping little presents over doing it? I baked 20 dozen cookies in a week. Is that too much? I made so many appetizers and goodie platters, we ran out of room in the back of the car. Is that too much? I made candy tins for give away stocking stuffers with five different kinds of candies. Again, too much?

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