One Blue Plate Diner Special Coming Up

Being Home-Bound is what you make it. We can all talk about doom and gloom, fondly remembering the old days when we ignored one another as we went about our day, or we can make the best of things. I’ve had my bouts with the gloomy side of things, and frankly I don’t like it much.

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Traditional Christmas Dinner

In our house, Christmas Dinner always meant a smokey, salty ham. Dad would slow-cook that giant ham all day. Back then, hams weren’t pre-sliced or scored or made all trimmed and pretty. Dad baked up a nice, smoked picnic ham. It would feed everyone, and the bone (with a little meat still attached) makes for the best ever pot of ham and beans for New Year’s Day. While I don’t bake up a giant ham, I do select one that is spiral-cut and with the bone.

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Making Sunday Supper Special

So often, we reserve certain “traditions” for particular days. Turkeys at Thanksgiving and Ham at Easter are two great examples of this. Why Ham at Easter? There are all sorts of theories – most of which aren’t very flattering to the Christian believer who eats ham at Easter.

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