Change it Up Beef Burgundy Pearl Onion Stew

When this whole Pandemic lock down began, Hubby and I took stock of everything we had in the house. The more meals I could create using what was on hand, the less times we would need to be exposed to our fellow shoppers at the grocery store. It just made sense.

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Beef Burgundy with Pear Onions and Mushrooms

In my many decades of cooking (more than I’m willing to count) I’ve whipped up some wonderful dishes over the years – long before I knew words like “blogging”. It never occurred to me to photograph the process. Even now, with my blog humming along, it’s not always possible to take step-by-step photos. Maybe if I planned my cooking events better. Most of the time my hands are such a mess I dare not touch the camera. I hope you don’t mind.

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