Cowboy Biscuit Casserole

Good Day Monday! How are you today? On the National Front, today is Caviar Day. I don’t know about you, but these days with the soaring cost of everything, Caviar is not on the horizon. Not even the cheap “Lump Fish” variety.

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Beefy Butterfly Noodle Casserole

Did you know that Farfalle means Butterfly? Here in American, we call Farfalle “Bow-Tie” pasta; and I can see that, but Butterfly is so much prettier, don’t you think? Unless you are going for something that sounds more retro; in which case Bow Tie Pasta has a nice ring to it.

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Beefy Cowboy Casserole

Maybe it’s all this penned up frustration just itching to get out on the open range that has me in a cowboy frame of mind. What I wouldn’t give to head off to Wyoming right about now, saddle up and hit the trail. Cattle country is calling my name.

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