Good Morning Beautiful Utah

On July 24, 1847 Brigham Young and his followers arrived in what is now the Salt Lake Valley. He looked out across the valley and declared “This is the place.” The Mormons, having traveled on foot from Missouri, believed that they had as last reached The Promised Land. Today Mormons make up 62% of Utah’s population.

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Cast Iron Peanut Butter Cup S’Mores

While the world is just beginning to venture out beyond our own front door; some restrictions are sill in place. And frankly, some of us are not all that sure about leaving our little cocoon. Too many mixed messages.

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Chicken Spinach Skillet Pie

Today is the first day of Spring, and National Poultry Day. Hubby and I are getting the garden started early this year. We want to get a jump on fresh vegetables. We are especially anxious for this year’s tomato crop. I see sauces and salads in our future.

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Cast Iron Skillets and the Feel of the West

Cooking over a fire in cast iron pots dates back centuries to the time when humankind first learned to forge tools out of the Earth’s metals. While we still enjoy cooking in a skillet over an open fire or burying a Cast Iron Dutch Oven in hot coals, the modern cook can utilize all the conveniences of an oven and stove top while retaining the flavor that only cast iron cooking can provide. Although this meal isn’t a one-pot wonder and you will have three pots to clean, these Cast Iron Skillets provide both a means of cooking as well as serving the meal.

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