Garlic Butter Chicken Bites with Lemon Asparagus

If there is one thing that Kiddo loves, it’s lemons. That boy can suck on a lemon and loves it. Sour is his thing. Before you shy away, the lemon in this dish ins’t insane. Coupled with the butter and garlic, it’s deliciously delightful.

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One-Pan Complete Rosemary Chicken Supper

Who doesn’t like an entire meal that cooks up in a single pan? I know, there are plenty of one-pan wonders out there. What I like about this one, aside from the convenience of a single pan, is that the vegetables are some of my favorite.

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Roasted Chicken Breast with Asparagus Pan Sauce

Pan Sauce. So simple, so delicious. There’s something magical about pan sauce. Maybe it’s the kiss of wine or the meat renderings themselves. All I know is that I adore chicken with a nice pan sauce. One of our favorites was Chicken Breast with Tomato-Herb Pan SauceYeah, it was good. This is even better.

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