Colorful Caprese Chicken with a Balsamic Glaze

Two years ago, Hubby, Kiddo and I spent a Saturday morning attending an Air Show is a nearby small town. This wasn’t one of those big Air Shows. It was small, just as the town hosting the show was small. Yet it was a fun way to spend the morning together. There were restored vintage planes and old classic cars to check out. A number of the planes were fighter planes, most from WWII and some from the Korean War. While Hubby and Kiddo enjoyed the beautifully restored cars and planes, I enjoyed people watching. The crowd consisted mainly of old-time veterans who had put whatever they could find from their days of service (mainly caps) as a way of identifying themselves. They walked among the planes, sometimes teary-eyed and spoke to one another in emotional tones, fondly recalling their reckless youth. Although these men were strangers and not old war-time buddies, there were bonds between them that civilians could not begin to comprehend. It was beautiful to watch.

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