Avocados and Tacos Just Go Together

Wow – can you believe it? It’s the last day of July. Oh my, summer is nearly over. Typically by now we’ve had our annual vacation. This year, we’ve postponed travel to the final days of summer. More on that later – road trip through five states and some much needed time spent with extended family.

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Spicy Beef and Chorizo Tacos

Growing up, Dad made the best tacos. What made his tacos so flavorful? It was the blend of meat filling – Ground Chuck and good quality Chorizo. By good quality Chorizo, I mean the good stuff you find in a Mexican Meat Market – the stuff sold in bulk, not in  plastic tubes in the grocery store. Dad had a couple of steps in his cooking process that I have eliminated. He cooked the ground chuck in one skillet, the chorizo in another. The reason was simple. My youngest sister was not a chorizo eater. Even today, anything with a little spicy heat, and she simply cannot handle it. Dad would set aside enough ground chuck filling for her tacos, then blend the two meats together for the rest of us. Fortunately, my family loves spicy heat – the more the better. So cooking up both meats in one big, deep Cast Iron skillet is a snap.

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Chorizo Crunch Wrap – Double the Pleasure!

Have you ever noticed that when a fast food or chain restaurant has a hit on their hands, dozens of Copy-Cat recipes flood the foodie world? Everywhere you look, at every turn there’s a Copy-Cat in books, magazines, the internet and even within the restaurant industry itself.

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Chorizo-Lime Street Tacos

Street Tacos have been around for as long as tacos themselves. Once packed for the working man much the way a sandwich is packed in a lunch box, these tacos are now a popular items among Food Truck and Street Cart diners. Traditionally speaking, street tacos are made from fish or slow-cooked shredded pork. I’m not knocking either of these traditional fillings, but I wanted a small two-bite taco that could be whipped up in about the time it takes to brown the Chorizo meat. Traditionally speaking, street tacos are serve open-faced and folded closed by the diner. That’s all fine and dandy if you have really big plates or skip all the yummy sides such as beans and rice. Traditionally speaking, Street Tacos are sold 3 or 4 to an order. However; when making your own little tacos, you can eat to your heart’s content – and isn’t that great?

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Super Easy Chorizo Tacos – The Perfect Food

Who doesn’t like tacos? Just about everyone, right? Tacos are the perfect food. Think about it – all the major food groups are found in a taco. Fruit (tomatoes and avocados), vegetable (lettuce), grain (taco shell – okay, that might be a stretch, but work with me here), dairy (cheese and sour cream) and protein (filling) – yep – it’s all there. There are chicken tacos, beef tacos, fish tacos, shrimp tacos – even bean tacos. Just about anything folded into a warm corn shell can be called “taco”.  (Hey, I’ve even seen Ice Cream Tacos – like a drumstick, only the “stick” is shaped like a taco shell). One of my all time favorites are Chorizo Tacos.

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Home-Made Chorizo Tacos – Oh My!

Buried deep in my recipe collection was a recipe for home-made Chorizo tacos served on hand pressed corn tortillas. I’ve always wanted to make Chorizo from scratch, constantly singing the praises of good-quality Chorizo Sausage. Finally, I decided to put myself to the test – tacking the whole aspect of “home-made” everything. So I put this recipe on my weekly planner for a nice Sunday dinner, envisioning Hubby, Kiddo and I puttering in the kitchen together to make the sausage and frying it up in a cast iron skillet that evening for dinner. I’d even dig out my tortilla press (something I’ve had for years and had yet to actually use). Great plan, except for a few minor (yeah, right) flaws.

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