Quiet Reflection

After months of shelter in place, stay at home, healthy people confinement – whatever you want to call this insane time we all seem to find ourselves in, vacations are more important than ever. It’s still possible, if you are willing to rethink vacation. After all, what is a vacation but an extended period of time away from work or school? Hum, when you put it that way, we’ve all been on a very long vacation.

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There She Blows!

In 2016, we took Kiddo on his first Oregon Vacation. Our time was split between Southern Oregon and Northern California. It was so beautiful that we returned again the following year, this time concentrating on the Central and Southern Oregon Coast. We took a year off from Oregon to return to our favorite Wild West State, Wyoming. It was time to return to Oregon’s coast. The haunting sounds of fog horns, the lonely cry of a seagull and the music of gray whales singing together call to our souls.

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Next Stop, Depoe Bay!

Depoe Bay is one of those places that we stumbled upon without realizing what it had to offer. Two years ago, we were in Florence, some 60-odd miles south of Depoe Bay. We were relaxing on the veranda of our hotel room when suddenly a whale’s spout came into view. Needless to say, we were on our feet with excitement. As it turns out, our Gray friend was heading north, to Depoe Bay. A pod of Grays call Depoe Bay home 10 months out of the year. Your chances of a whale encounter, however brief, is fairly good. Oh, but I’m getting ahead of myself once more . . . we still have the beautiful drive.

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