Salsa Scrambled Egg Burritos

Life really is beginning to return to normal. We’ve had our share of scares and a few losses along the way, but by the grace of God we have survived. Unless you live under a rock somewhere, you have been changed.

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Hobo Breakfast Burritos – Make Ahead – Eat Later

First off let me give a big thank you ever so much to Ree of Pioneer Woman for inspiring Carol over at Are We There Yet with these awesome make-ahead breakfast burritos. I’ve taken Carol’s spin on the recipe and just as she did with the original, I’ve run with it. While my spin is more work than Carol’s recipe, it is also more in keeping with Ree’s rendition. What truly caught my eye was the freezing aspects that Carols’ recipe offered. I went with the Hobo Breakfast Potatoes rather than use the Hash Brown Simple Potatoes. The Simple Potatoes would cut a great deal of the prep work out of the equation. So why did I go with the Hobo Breakfast Potatoes?

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