Feast of Saint Joseph the Worker

May 1st is a very strange day, historically torn in different directions. It is the mid-way point between Spring and Summer. It is International Workers Day, Loyalty Day and the Feast Day of Saint Joseph the Worker.

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Pork Carnitas with Cilantro Tomatillo Salsa and Hand-Pressed Tortillas

My hubby has the strangest sense of humor. Recently as we sat down to a fine, all from scratch Mexican supper, I made the comment that it was nice to spend time putter about in the kitchen. He smiled and replied “So that’s why you’re so good at miniature golf.” A silly man making a silly play on the word “puttering”.

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Hand-Pressed Tortillas

Lately I’ve gotten into a tortilla-making kick. Every time I mention making tortillas on my personal Facebook page, I get requests for the recipe. This was not what I had planned to share today, but that’s okay. I aim to please and I know my family is anxious.

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