A Day of Remembrance

If you were to stand silently at attention for a single second for each and every person who died on September 11, 2001 at the hands of 19 terrorists, you would be silent for nearly 50 minutes. Fifty minutes – let that sink in for a moment.

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National Day of Reflection and Hot Cross Buns

My first instinct was to offer up a prayer today and nothing more. No recipes. To do so seemed to dishonor the day. But then I thought about it and realize that you can remember with honor. The lives lost should be celebrated for having lived at all.

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Super Easy Hot Cross Buns

Are you a great baker? Nope, me either. I can make a Chocolate Soufflé just fine, but I’m not the best when it comes to dinner rolls or breads or things that require all that kneeing and rising and well, you get the picture.

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