Italian Cannoli Cake

Leave the gun, take the Cannoli. What could be more Italian than a Cannoli? While I can think of a lot of things, none is more delicious or closer to my dessert loving heart than Cannoli.

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Fresh Fruit with Whipped Cream Zabaglione

What is Zabaglione? It is a foamy, custard-like mixture of egg yolks, sugar and Marsala wine served hot or chilled as a dessert. Often Zabaglione is served over fruits or cakes. The very first time we ate this wonderful dish, it was actually prepared table-side in a private dining room by a Five-Star Chef using his grandmother’s recipe. I never was able to get the recipe from him – but this comes close. His was without the added whipped cream, staying true to its custard roots. This variation utilizes heavy cream, creating a whipped topping rather than a true custard. If it is the custard variety you seek, simply omit the heavy cream.

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