Celebrate Almond Day with an Italian Almond Feast

Today is National Almond Day. Did you know that almonds are one of the most heart-healthily foods on the market – packed with all sorts of good things like Vitamin E, magnesium and fiber. Eight percent of the world’s almonds are grown in California.

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There is more to Italy than Tomato Sauce

Would you believe it’s another of those National Food Days. Like any of us need an excuse to eat delicious foods. Today we have a great assortment of things to celebrate – it’s Cheddar Cheese Day, Italian Food Day and Tortellini Day.

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Italian Cannoli Cake

Leave the gun, take the Cannoli. What could be more Italian than a Cannoli? While I can think of a lot of things, none is more delicious or closer to my dessert loving heart than Cannoli.

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Orange-Scented Italian Olive Oil Cake

Have you seen this old-world Olive Oil Cake from Sauveur? It was first published back in January 2015. Even the name Olive Oil Cake sounds intriguingly old-world, doesn’t it? While a number of olive oil cakes are finished with a nice dusting of powdered sugar, this cake is finished with a sprinkling of sea salt. I like salt and orange together.

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Fresh Fruit with Whipped Cream Zabaglione

What is Zabaglione? It is a foamy, custard-like mixture of egg yolks, sugar and Marsala wine served hot or chilled as a dessert. Often Zabaglione is served over fruits or cakes. The very first time we ate this wonderful dish, it was actually prepared table-side in a private dining room by a Five-Star Chef using his grandmother’s recipe. I never was able to get the recipe from him – but this comes close. His was without the added whipped cream, staying true to its custard roots. This variation utilizes heavy cream, creating a whipped topping rather than a true custard. If it is the custard variety you seek, simply omit the heavy cream.

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