Italian Romance Cooked Up at Home

Welcome to a Saturday Night in our house. Hubby and I have been married since the dawn of time. Romance is different for old married folks. At least that’s true for old married folks like us.

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Buttery Lemon-Pepper Pork Piccata

I love Piccata dishes, no doubt about that. I love the lemon, the wine and most of all the briny Capers. If I had things my way, I’d put Capers on everything. Okay, maybe not everything. I’d have to pass on Caper Pancakes.

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Egg Noodle Chicken Piccata

What is it about a favorite dish that you can never get enough of and yet you keep trying to reach the next level? I love Piccata. I have a million recipes – okay, maybe not that may, but a lot. Each is different, yet with those classic elements of Piccata. Gotta have lemons and capers.

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There is more to Italy than Tomato Sauce

Would you believe it’s another of those National Food Days. Like any of us need an excuse to eat delicious foods. Today we have a great assortment of things to celebrate – it’s Cheddar Cheese Day, Italian Food Day and Tortellini Day.

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Dover Sole Piccata

Have I mentioned that I simply adore Piccata dishes?  There’s something extraordinary about the way the buttery, lemony wine and capers sauce dances on my tongue that is out of this world!

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