Jack-in-the-Box Style Tacos

I came across this recipe recently on food.com.  The kiddo and I really like Jack-in-the-Box tacos – for reasons I don’t understand.  (Hubby thinks we are daft). So we decided to give them a whirl. I added more beans than the original recipe called for, as well as more taco sauce to the meat mixture. The original recipe said it made 12 tacos. I only got 8 out of mine, but I was heavier on the filling than those you get at Jack-in-the-Box. The only draw back that I found was how much the grease splattered when the tacos were fried. You’ll need plenty of paper towels handy to blot the oil from the tacos before serving. These are NOT healthy tacos – it’s fast-food junk all the way. Even so, they are really good.

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