National Coquilles Saint Jacques – Sort of

Hello Neighbor. Did you know that today is National Be a Good Neighbor Day? We should all be good neighbors, or at the very least try to be good neighbors. Sometimes that’s easier said than done. Today is also National Mimosa Day and Barbecue Day. Those play rather nicely into Be a Good Neighbor, don’t you think?

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Mexican Inspired Pan Seared Salsa Verde Scallops

While some people have their tradition of Taco Tuesday, I like to mix things up a bit with delicious dishes from Mexico or that have a truly Mexican influence. Today is a Tuesday, the twelfth day of the Lenten Season. These beautiful scallops are perfect. The Salsa Verde is mild, with just enough heat to let you know it’s a Verde Sauce. These scallops are awesome served in so many ways. This is wonderful with a rice pilaf and salad for a light yet delightful supper. It could also be served as a fish or seafood course to an elaborate meal or as an appetizer to a sit down formal affair.

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