Two Sauce Creamy Baked Ziti

Which do you like better – a Tomato Based Pasta Sauce or a Creamy Alfredo Sauce? Most of us say it depends on the pasta. Fettuccini and Alfredo are a pairing that boarders on perfection. Right?

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Celebrate Macaroni Day Without the Cheese

Each year on July 7th, we say Hoorah It’s Macaroni Day! Okay, so maybe not everyone gets excited about Macaroni Day, but some do. Have you ever asked yourself what is Macaroni?

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Stick a Feather in Your Cap

And call it Macaroni. Yep, today is National Macaroni Day. When most Americans think Macaroni, we think Thomas Jefferson and the French Delicacy Macaroni and Cheese. Okay, maybe not everyone is aware the Thomas Jefferson served Macaroni and Cheese at a State’s Dinner in 1802, but we do think Mac and Cheese.

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