Celebrate Spumoni Day with a Lush

Today is National Spumoni Day. You know Spumoni – that delicious frozen treat which hails from southern Italy. Traditionally, Spumoni is three molded layers of gelato to create one uniquely delicious dessert. Traditionally, one layer included candied fruits (most often cherries), one layer with nuts (usually pistachio) and the third layer is luscious dark chocolate.

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Get on Board the Spumoni Ice Cream Terrain

Did you know that today is National Spumoni Day? Spumoni ranks right up there as one of my favorite Italian desserts. You can even enjoy a Spumoni inspired Baked Alaska, another of my favorites on a warm summer evening despite the fact that Baked Alaska Day is in February. But then, that’s a subject for another day, right?

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