Ember Days of Winter and Poached Salmon

Today is the second Ember Days of Winter of the Advent Season. The Ember Days of Winter focus on the Oils of Anointment. The harvest of the season is both physical and spiritual.

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Titanic Remembrance Day

Today is Titanic Remembrance Day. No surprise there, for it was in the early morning hours of April 15, 1912 that the unsinkable Titanic ended her maiden voyage at the bottom of the sea. She wasn’t the first ship to sink, nor the last. Yet the Titanic is that tragedy that we seem to be drawn to, seeing her through Rose-Colored glasses and a romantic heart.

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Poached Salmon with Mousseline Sauce

One of the most famous, most recreated menus on the planet has to be the Last Supper aboard the Titanic. I haven’t a clue as to why the sinking of this grand ocean liner holds such a romantically tragic place in the social physic, but it does. The Titanic has been the subject of many books, films and television programs. Immediately following the loss at sea, the public seemed unable to get enough and that appetite carried forward throughout the years. In all there were a total of 19 films and 27 Television productions, including a 1971 episode of Night Gallery entitled Lone Survivor.

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