A Family Affair Sunday Supper

Growing up, my Dad did a lot of the cooking when it came to Sunday Suppers. He was the one in charge of the Turkey for Thanksgiving or basting the chicken for our Sunday Feast. He made the mashed potatoes, and that man can make gravy from nothing. Mom was more in charge of the “mood” – setting the table just so, putting the little touches in place. When you walked into the room, it felt warm and inviting. I’m glad that they each did their roles so well because I can do both.

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An American Sunday Supper

When I was growing up, Sunday Suppers were a big deal. I think part of what made Sundays so special was all the extended family. There were cousins and close family friends.  If you were upset with a sibling, there were always plenty of other people to be with. On any given Sunday, there could be as many as 15 to 20 children, and 8 to 10 adults. That’s a lot of people.

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Orange and Spice and Everything Nice Roast Chicken

Don’t you just love the way cooking changes with the seasons? Sure, in the modern age, we aren’t necessarily limited to “seasonal” ingredients. You can get an apple or an orange any time of the year. It isn’t so much what we cook but how we cook that changes.

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