The 4th Sunday in Lent and Herb Roasted Chicken

If I have said this once, I’ve said it a million times – Sundays and Roast Chicken go together like – well like peas and carrots or burgers and fires. Or better still Fish on Fridays.

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Sunday Game Hen Supper

Recently I had a chat with my Dad about chickens. I know, seems like a strange subject. We raised chickens when I was a kid, for their eggs. As far as I know, we never actually ate the chickens we raised, but I suppose that’s possible.

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A Slow-Cooker Sunday Supper

Talk about the perfect slow-cooker dish for a Sunday! Unlike some slow-cooker recipes, this one requires a little prep work in the morning. By searing the skin of the chicken, it brings depth of flavor to the finished dish. You can sear the chicken before heading off to the market or church or whatever else you do on Sunday. And unlike most slow-cooker dishes, this one takes about five hours, making it perfect for the weekend rather than a long day at work.

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